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Skeptical Kuzco

From The Emperor's New Groove

Study in perseverance

Francis Parkman, at one point, was only able to write six lines per day and it took him about three years to complete a single volume.


Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy

He lived long, and he prospered. And he was most . . . human.

I won't post a video of Spock's death or funeral from Wrath of Khan here. For one, I couldn't bear it. For another, others will do that. Instead, I offer some humorous videos either starring or dedicated to the incomparable Leonard Nimoy.



I think I've said this before but . . .

apparently there's a cut scene (or maybe it didn't even get filmed) from It's a Wonderful Life where Clarence confronts Potter about the $8000 dollars.

I would love to see that. Or even just read the script.

Or maybe I'll just write my own version. :D

It's official!

I am an ASCP-accredited phlebotomist! :D

(I did get a "preliminary pass" immediately after taking the exam but I finally got my score today so I figured "preliminary" had been upgraded into "confirmed.")

I take the phlebotomy boards tomorrow

Studying for them has basically decimated my NaNo writing time. #first world problems


We got rid of the last of the ice on Lake Superior not quite FIVE months ago! And now it's starting back up again.

I suppose it's too late to start looking for a job in Hawaii, huh?


Harold Lynch. "The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax" was not meant to be an instruction manual!!!! D8




A persuasive argument. And I think it's about time that we bring back the esteem once held for "pastiches" and apply to fanfiction. Many stories that I've read deserve to be published. You know, for actual money.

That said, I think it needs to be stressed that 50 Shades of Gray is terrible, not because it's fanfiction nor even because it's fanfic of Twilight, which is also (though not as) terrible. 50 Shades is terrible on its own -- for want of a better word -- merits. And if anything is going to stop, or at least throw up a temporary roadblock, the social acceptance of fanfiction as having literary value, it will be the flaws of bad fanfiction being attributed to it being fanfiction vs it being just a bad story.